"When soldiers come, they will block the water and flood the soil," she said. "Let’s do it superficially, regardless of their grievances. What do you think?"

"I’m afraid so," I slowly breathed a sigh of relief. "By the way, what is the origin of the golden falcon?"
"It’s a secret technique of the three religions called Golden Light and Five Feathers," she said. "This technique is generally Daoism and half witchcraft. The so-called Five Feathers refer to five kinds of birds, namely, the soul-seeking eagle, the red-eyed dove, the god-destroying black bird and the golden falcon. These five kinds of birds have their own advantages, which can protect the law and attack others, especially the golden falcon and the soul-seeking eagle, which take people’s lives thousands of miles away."
"Then why didn’t she have this before?" I don’t understand, "if she is not so hurt by me?"
"For an expert like you, these birds are not," she said. "And it takes two conditions for the birds to attack each other. First, this person must have a fixed range. Second, it takes at least three days to prepare. Third, there is no spiritual protector around the attacked person, because the birds are very fragile before entering the human body, like Tang Qi and Lao Si around you. If she is a golden falcon, she will be scattered by them before she gets close to you."
"That’s it," I thought for a moment. "Is this golden falcon easy to deal with?"
"It is not difficult to deal with the golden falcon before it enters the human body, but it is not easy to deal with it once it enters the human meridian." She looked at me. "But don’t worry, I have a way but I can’t say it now."
"That’s nothing you know." I smiled.
"Actually, you can do something," she said. "It’s your way. It’s too lethal. Li Lao will take some risks. I mean, Jin Guangyun, I’ll take care of it. Since Jin Guangyun said that her injury has been laid, since she led us there, we will definitely set up some ambush classes. We can make a mistake if we work together."
"That’s settled!" I took out Li Zixin’s bank card and gave it to me. "There is 30 million in it from Li Zixin."
She looked at the card and smiled and shook her head. "What is this for you?"
"You solved the golden falcon because you saved Li Lao’s life. You should accept the money!"
She sighed lightly. "What happened when my sister went to cause trouble and I took money from others?" I won’t let you touch the golden falcon, but I’ll let you avoid suspicion. This is the three religions and Seita Hideyoshi. No matter whether it succeeds or fails, nine planets will be ashamed to let you stop the green pupil. No matter what the result is, it won’t implicate nine planets’s reputation. In this way, we can avoid the misunderstanding between the two families and make a bigger mess. This money is Li Zixin’s for you. Just take a step back and talk about it. You don’t need me to follow me. How can you put the cart before the horse? "
I know she won’t accept the money, and it’s not easy to force "all right, she will pick me up early and then I’ll bring her here."
"No, let’s meet at the airport." She looked at me. "When it’s over, go home quickly. Don’t keep your girlfriend waiting too long."
I smiled awkwardly. "You … you know?"
"I said that when we met again, you were not you and I were not me." She smiled. "That’s a good girl. Don’t be too wronged. I have asked Sandy Building to wait for you. Let her take you home."
"It’s not appropriate to bother Miss Deer so much, is it?" I’m embarrassed to say
"there’s nothing inappropriate." She thought about it and took her amulet from her neck. "Take this to your girlfriend and let her wear it. It’s the most powerful amulet of the three religions. With it, you can go out to work."
512 Legging Ghost
I took the amulet. "What about you?"
Li Qingtan smiled, "Our sisters have their own strengths, but there are a few differences in what they have learned. She knows everything, and this amulet doesn’t mean much to me."
"Well, thank you." I’m relieved.
"Don’t be so polite," she said. "Look for us with a strong pupil. Then this matter can’t be solved in a day or two. With this amulet to protect your girlfriend, it’s safe. At least it’s hard for the pupil witchcraft to hurt her, so that we can do things freely."
"Since this charm is so powerful, don’t you have a better chance of winning when you wear it yourself to face Li Qingtong?" I looked at her.
She shook her head. "I don’t have such great power with me. This character needs to be blessed with others. How many blessings have I had since I was a child practicing witchcraft? Your girlfriend is not as lucky as she is. This symbol should be given to her. "
"All right, I’ll get it." I’ll put on the amulet. "Then I’ll see you at Tianzao airport!"
Outside the hotel, Miss Deer 2 was observing an old man stumbling across the road with a dignified look. I walked over to her and patted her on the shoulder. "Miss Deer 2, you"
"shh" she motioned me to point to the old man.
"What happened to him?" I don’t understand
"Look at that old gentleman’s feet carefully," she said quietly.
I looked intently and couldn’t help but stare blankly. A male ghost covered in blood grabbed the old man with one foot and the old man limped so hard.
"This is for revenge." I said, "We can’t mind our own business."
"I don’t want to mind my own business," she said. "I think it’s strange that this old gentleman is so energetic to come out at this hour."
I pinched my finger and frowned. "He tried to kill himself."
She looked at me. "I think it’s the same situation. Can we just ignore it?"
"Of course not. Are you in charge or should I?"
"Cut" her disdain "nine planets will leave you and the earth will not turn? I’ll talk to him later. "After that, she went straight to the old gentleman and shouted as she walked," It’s raining and my feet are slippery. If you don’t let go, you must suffer. "
I couldn’t help laughing and pulling out a cigarette to light a squat on the side of the road to see how she saved lives.
She shouted a few words that were not spells, but they were as powerful as spells. The male ghost who hugged the old man’s feet was scared and shivered, and he was able to loosen his hand. The strength of the old man’s feet changed without any preparation, and he stumbled to the ground.
When Lu Qian saw him fall, he immediately stopped. "Are you all right, uncle?"
The old man fell heavily and groaned for a while, struggling to reach out to Luqian "Girl, help me"
"Don’t mistake me if I help you," said Lu Qian, taking out his mobile phone and taking a picture of himself and the old man first, and then helping him up in the past.
I didn’t catch what they said behind. I saw her persuading the old man while the old man slapped his sick leg. The leg-hugging ghost suddenly caught fire, and quickly spread his hand and hid in a panic. He looked at the old man and Luqian coldly.
After talking, Luqian wanted to come back. The old man pulled her face and showed pain. He slowly sat down on the ground.
Deer are flourishing.
"Hey, do you know what’s good or bad?" She raised her voice, "I saved you, but you tried to correct me. Do you believe I let that white-haired ghost with legs come back?"
Leg-hugging ghost’s eyes lit up, got up quickly, looked at deer flourishing with gratitude and nodded.
The old man zheng "what did you say? What leg-hugging ghost? You hurt my leg. Why are you talking to me about these feudal superstitions? "
Deer are flourishing. "Do I have to say it? Well, you designed and seized a friend’s property 15 years ago, and he sued you, but you were so worried that your hair was white and you were forced to jump off a building to commit suicide. How lucky were you? He didn’t dare to get close to you two years ago, and your fortune failed, so he came and hugged your thigh. Are you really a sequela of embolism? "
The old man was so stupid that he couldn’t say a word with his mouth open.
"I just helped you exorcise evil spirits. Is your leg much better?" Lu Qianqian sneered, "If you don’t want to repay me, don’t you dare to go the other way? If I give you money, I’m afraid you’ll lose your life!" With that, she pointed to the ghost holding her legs. "Hey, I said you had a grudge. I don’t care!"
The old man was frightened. "Please don’t introduce me if you are wrong!" As he spoke, he wobbled. "I know what you said, and I won’t dare again!"
Leg-hugging ghosts are in a hurry, which means they are afraid of deer changing their minds.
LuQian took out a pile of RMB "you are not going to correct me? Here, take it! "
The old man waved his hand again and again. "No, no, no, I dare not! I dare not!"
"Hum, you don’t want it yourself." She talked about money and looked at the ghost with legs. "Just don’t make trouble too much. You mustn’t make it difficult tonight. You can’t let him put off a dream late. Can you give me this?"
Leg-hugging ghost hesitated and nodded his head.
The old man looked behind him and trembled. "Girl, don’t scare me. I’m timid."
"You have a lot of nerve," said Lu Qianqian, turning back to the road. "We’re done. Let’s go!"
Lu Yu Nu didn’t gnash her teeth but didn’t speak.
"Still angry?" Let me look at her. "You are so kind and easy to do. Many things are not as simple as you see. The so-called poor people must have hateful things. If they don’t make love, they will hurt themselves."
"Don’t be sarcastic!" She glanced at me, "I will never be a good person after my aunt!"
"Come on, you’re a warm-hearted man. Besides, if the old man didn’t have a hard life and wouldn’t want to commit suicide, you should understand more."
Her face looked better. "He also said that in the past two years, business has been particularly bad, his wife has gone bankrupt, and his wife has separated, especially his leg has been sent to the hospital with a little savings, but there is no cure for it before he wants to commit suicide. If he had touched the white man earlier and sent the leg hugger away, these things would not have happened. This would be a great ruin and retribution!"
"At the beginning, it was difficult for him to get some retribution for ruining people’s property." I said, "I appreciate what you did just now!"
She gave me a look. "Come on, I don’t buy it. I asked you why you came to our lady in the middle of the night?"
"Why are you so inquisitive? This is your young lady’s secret. "
"Oh, I won’t ask about secrets." She paused. "I think it’s a good thing for our young lady to eat you sooner or later!"
"Hey, how can you talk?" I don’t want to hear it.