"Teacher younger brother, if you win that romantic witch who smokes in the pool, you will be remembered …" Su Yunai said, "They will definitely send more …"

"I don’t think the highest limit of this potential is that the succubus is in the middle of the late stage of the preconditions, and it’s estimated that it’s not much worse in the late stage. They are not good at attacking and are good at charm, so they can’t cast it out."
"It’s not that simple, Chi Yan. She’s just practicing water magic. There are also many good at attacking in the romantic Sect …"
"hmm? Brother, how do you know so clearly? "
"No … no … I just asked about the sample …"
Looking at brother Suyu, he was a little flustered. Wang Muxin said that he was finished, and he was already dying.
That pool of smoke doesn’t even say witch, it’s a first-name basis.
Wang Mu sighed. It seems that it won’t be long before Jianfeng estimates that he is an only child.
With the victory of this battle, Wang Mu challenged three times at will, and there was also a monk in the early days of Huang Tianzhou’s ancestral home.
Are easy wins.
So the first day passed.
"It feels quite simple …" Wang Mu said, "These monks feel very weak. I don’t know if I have a small reason for my mountain and sea refining …"
Stop attacking yourself.
The friar in the practice environment can’t hold on to shooting a few arrows himself …
The strength of the mountain collapse bow was almost stretched to the limit by Wang Mu, but I felt that there was still a lot of spare capacity.
This is still a mountain bow that has been strengthened by Shenkuang four or five times.
"It feels worse than the original master elder brother." Wang Mu missed the master elder brother a little.
Big brother is still awesome.
The next day, the newly released potential list was released.
The situation of ancient fonts in the illusory list was announced on the afterlife station
The negative potential value of the first ten wars of Zongyege in Taixuan Road, Yiganzhou is 29.
Erganzhou burning the sky, watching the heart and building the foundation, the negative potential value of the mid-term ten wars is two
The negative potential value of nine wars in the early stage of building the foundation of Sanganzhou Ganyuan Jianzong Tantai Shaoyu was Erqi.
Sihuang Tianzhou Xiaojianzong Zhou Kai Zhujiajing Mid-term War Negative Potential Value 26
The negative potential value of the late stage of the construction of the foundation in Wutianlin Island is 25
Lu Huang Tian Zhou Shui Yun Zong Qin Yuyan’s negative potential value in the initial stage of building the foundation of the seven wars 24
The negative potential value of the seventh war in the middle period of the seventh great wilderness and the great Tibetan Buddhism’s clean sea construction foundation is two or three
The negative potential value of the six wars in the middle period of the bitter meditation foundation of Shenle Temple in Batianhaizhou is 22.
The negative potential value of six wars in the early stage of Hu Yuer’s foundation construction in Qingqiushan, Jiulingzhou 21
The negative potential value of the first five wars in the early stage of the construction of the foundation in the clear water cave of Shilizhou is two
A series of profiles are ranked in columns
Zaohuamen’s potential value avenue, the number of avenues, the number of avenues, and the number of avenues.
It means that 49 is the potential limit
It also means that there are up to 49 people on this list.
The calculation of the lower residual potential value is not included in the list but recorded.
To put it bluntly, it is a potential ranking.
It is not difficult to see from the ranking that Ganzhou is worthy of being an outstanding person, and the younger generation of Lingzhou is arrogant and has occupied thirteen of the top ten.
More than a few continents have strong brothers list.
"Oh, brother Qin is actually here!" Wang Mu stared at the list. "The ranking is quite high. It is worthy of being Qin Xiong!"
But this is the first. There are still a few days left.
As far as yesterday’s day is concerned, Wang Mu also fought three or four games. Although he saw some spells, he was not too strong.
This list of foundations is a foundation …
"It seems that my performance potential is still not high, but just entering the list is a certain name?"
Wang Mu turned over.
Finally, I saw my name somewhere
Picking up the negative potential value of nine floors and four wars in Wang Mu’s practice atmosphere.
"Ok just 19 …"
Wang Mu glanced at it and found it a bit special. "How do you seem to have your own nine-story practice …"
In the top 30, I have my own practice environment. The ninth floor is extra … not very neat.
There are several others in the back who are also practicing for nine floors, but they are all after forty.
In the following days, Wang Mu challenged several times a day to fight behind himself.
It looks a little bad in front. Forget it.
Until the sixth day, the list was decided on the last day, when the list was a bit strange.
Wang Mu’s own ranking hasn’t changed much. It has risen by one or two to seventeen.