"Don’t worry, I’ll ask you first. Do you know Xianxiu people?"

"Fairy fix people? Are you talking about those who practice immortals? Can’t flying in the sky and hiding in the ground live a long life? " Why hasn’t Xiao Fan heard of it? Hurriedly replied
"Jie jie, who told you that immortals can’t? Life expectancy is comparable to that of the world? This is all a rumor! "
The black-robed man laughed. "But you don’t know that the higher the realm, the stronger the strength and the longer the life span."
Chapter 6 Possession of the Solution
"The former is just a close relative of a big family. How can you know so much?" Xiao Fan shook his head.
"I’m not interested in hearing about you!" The black man suddenly drank a whole cave with a shock.
Xiao Fan frighten immediately shut up. It seems that this rescuer’s temper is not generally weird!
"Immortals need to go through the realms of gathering qi, condensing shape, melting Dan, breaking the wall, refining babies, becoming adults, and conforming to shape before they can win the title of the avenue and break through all kinds of mysteries in the avenue, thus escaping from the cycle of life and death and jumping out of the three realms and five elements!"
"But every realm gap is like a natural barrier crossing. Once you are trapped in a certain realm breakthrough, you can watch your life come to an end. Thousands of years of hard practice are all wasted! That kind of pain feels that you mortals understand! "
Xiao Fan really don’t understand can nod along the black man.
"I’m not willing to fall into reincarnation after all the oil is exhausted, and I finally found a way!"
"Everything I’ve accumulated all my life has been put all my eggs in one basket. I’m looking for thousands of new dead bodies and injecting 9,999 dead bodies, spirits, refining souls and blood crystals into your body!"
"Your body is more integrated with many ancient beasts than strong, and the benefits of body treasures are even more than I can imagine!" The more people in black robes talk, the more excited they get. Looking at Xiao Fan is like appreciating the most perfect art.
"What choice … is my body?" Xiao Fan more listen to more feel wrong to ask a way.
"Because you are young, and the only spiritual root in my search for ten thousand corpses that doesn’t have the attribute of spiritual root is a person. The better the spiritual root, the smoother the road to practice!"
"No attribute spirit root … isn’t that waste?" Xiao Fan frowned.
"Yes, it is a waste and it is extremely rare waste! It’s hard to find among tens of thousands of people, otherwise I won’t waste much effort until I transform you perfectly! If you want to cultivate immortality before you die, you can’t succeed, but it’s different now! "
"Now you are like a blank sheet of paper, with such a strong body that you can add attributes to it. There is no exclusivity at all!"
"You … won’t be so kind to bring me back to life and get me such a strong body for nothing?" Xiao Fan swallowed saliva way
"Jie jie just said how did you suddenly become stupid? I wouldn’t have made so much effort to bring you back to life if it wasn’t for the requirement that you have to take possession of her alive! "
"take the house?" Xiao Fan’s heart is tight. Although he doesn’t know what it means, he intuitively feels more dangerous.
"come on Perfect flesh makes me a statue! " The black man laughed wildly, and the dark face suddenly appeared with two clusters of deep green flames beating!
"seize the solution!"
A series of green air streams visible to the naked eye came out of generate, a black robe, to brighten the whole cave.
Xiao Fan suddenly feel body control suddenly lost all the league can watch the green light pounce on yourself!
Chapter 7 Anger Edge
"Your body will be my key to the peak, and your soul will be completely obliterated by me and integrated into my strength! How honored you are! Don’t struggle, don’t resist, everything will be in vain! "
Xiao Fan suddenly flowers at the moment his eyes deeply printed a skeleton face!
"Your body belongs to me!" It seems that there is only one sound left in heaven and earth, that is, the black man’s crazy cry!
"Don’t … just come back to life and die again?" Green light approaching the moment Xiao Fan felt the air around him solidified and his breathing seemed to stop!
However, at this time, heaven and earth shook violently.
Then came an earth-shattering noise as if mountains and rivers were smashed!
"The ghost Johnson quickly come out to die! I’m waiting for the Immortal Alliance to destroy you! " The outside of the cave shouted like thunder.
"Damn it, why do these guys come and make trouble at this time?" The man in black suddenly stopped and cursed.
"If I lose everything now, won’t it be a knife?" The black-robed man growled at Xiao Fan’s eyebrows. "You just live a little longer. I’ll enjoy you when I get rid of those little miscellaneous fish!"
Said the black man body flash has disappeared before Xiao Fan.
Just that a finger let Xiao Fan suddenly feel myriad flow and limp and numb method to move that exists!
Followed by fierce fighting outside the cave, the cave also kept shaking.
"No, I have to run! Otherwise, when the old monster comes back, I will definitely die again, and this time it is absolutely complete, and there is no soul left! " Xiao Fan tried to break away from the black man by clenching his teeth and filling himself with blockades.
The fighting outside is getting quieter and quieter.
You can faintly hear the grim smile of the black man.
"After that, the troublemaker who is looking for that guy is definitely not an opponent. He will come back!" Xiao Fan nasty eyes bloodshot body bones sounded cautious.