After reading the report, Su Yu frowned slightly, but she wondered who it was.

Who on earth wants to yin himself?
30,000 well-equipped ogres?
And this group of ogres is one after another at the same time!
The ogre empire was destroyed by Su Yu’s Leitian.
Although there are still millions of remnants in the entire ogre empire, anyone can see that it is impossible to drive the forces of the Chinese Empire out of the ogre empire.
But why would anyone support many weapons and armor for ogres? What do they want to do?
You know, according to the report, those guys are well equipped! Not inferior to the quality of weapons and armor of the soldiers of the garrison of the Chinese Empire!
Which forces dare to throw out so many excellent weapons and armor when they know that it is a waste of water?
What exactly is their goal?
Su Yu has to think about this.
Chapter 332 332 The disintegration of the alliance of nations! (the fourth watch)
At this time, the news of the Royal Guards was not handed back, but Su Yu was already scrutinized according to the current news.
"Hum! It’s just a joke that whatever conspiracy it is, it’s not enough in front of absolute strength! "
Su Yu’s expression is indifferent.
Speaking of which, it seems that immigrants should also send a general to guard it.
Su Yu wanted to think that Lu Bu might be the most suitable candidate.
Now Su Yu’s generals almost all have their own things.
It’s a best choice for Lyu3 bu4 to be a general in Tunkeng to command the military of an ogre empire.
"I will seal General Lu Bu’s ogre leader to take charge of the ogre leader’s military affairs!"
Lyu3 bu4 ability Su Yu is know also can rest assured to him.
However, Lu Bu, after all, is a good opportunity to make contributions.
It is logical to send Lu Bu to the ogre empire.
Lyu3 bu4 ordered hundreds of elite body guard soldiers to rush to ogre territory immediately.
Lyu3 bu4 to ogre empire at the same time the new city war is in full swing.
"It’s not the way for Bai to lead us. It’s better to evacuate the women and children first!"
Speaking is an old man. According to the truth, immigrants should not have old men, but if they do, they must have official positions.
Yes, this old man is an official in Xinfengcheng. His main responsibility is to expand reclamation around Xinfengcheng.
At that time even in the face of thirty thousand ogres after * * new city and all have no fear.
After all, today’s Yanhuang Empire is no longer the original Yanhuang Empire, and now the Terran has already been transformed. The Terran led by Emperor Su Yu is no longer the object that his race can bully at will.
But self-confidence is one thing, but it is another thing in actual combat.
Although the ogre complex can be regarded as a United country, after all, they are well-equipped and have a national enemy against the Chinese Empire. Their fighting ability is not strong, but their fighting mind is extremely firm
After all, there are 1000 regular troops in the new city, adding more than 10000 people’s strength. However, it is naturally quite difficult for the city to be broken and defended.
Bai Ji looked at the old man nai smiled "withdraw? Where are we going to evacuate? The ogre has set up a division on both hills, and the river behind it? We do have a few boats. Can’t you let the women and children swim across? Or send women and children to the mountains to become ogre rations? "
The old man Zheng slightly, of course, that’s not what he meant. He hesitated for a moment but sighed.
Bai Ji waved and said, "well, don’t say anything about it. Now we have to stick to the new city!" At any rate, this city has brought us some logistics materials. If we leave here, I’m afraid all of us will have to explain! Don’t worry, the news that our new city is trapped has been handed out. It won’t be long before the emperor will send an army to come. Then one of these damn ogres will have to cut their scalps! "
When he said this, Bai Ji’s face was somewhat ferocious.
In just a few days, attacking and defending his hand was a heavy loss.
After all, these people are strong people, and Bai Qi can’t expect them to have strong combat power as soon as they come. They have to break up their own soldiers and divide them into these strong people, which is regarded as bearing some junior officers.
But in this way, the overall combat power is to reduce a lot of ordnance, which is not enough, so the battle is extremely difficult
In particular, the gap in the wall has already been covered with bodies from both sides.
You mean evacuate?
Even if it is to evacuate women and children, it is absolutely impossible! The fact is not that Bai Qi doesn’t want to remove women and children. After all, his wife and children are also in the city.
He wants to evacuate the people, but he can’t get rid of them.
Nowadays, the newly-built city has already been almost completely cut off from the outside world.
The only exit has been blocked by ogres. Natural geographical conditions make the new city only a way to die at this time.
Of course, the siege of the new city is also arranged by those behind the scenes.
If you want to inspire the fighting spirit of millions of ogres, you must win a big victory to inspire them.
There is nothing precious about the new city. Those people forced the siege of the new city to be a victory! A victory in the first world war that can inspire the whole ogre remnant and the Chinese empire to die!
Invest a lot of money, countless resources and materials keep flowing into those ogres, which will not be given to the dark people in vain.
Who cares if these ogres live or die without benefits?
According to the plan of those dark people, it is necessary to drag one or two main armies of the Chinese Empire to complete their plan.
If we can hold off one or two main armies of the Chinese Empire, then they will be able to take the opportunity to open other fronts to attack the Chinese Empire.
Of course, these things can be carried out in secret. If Su Yu finds out that he is afraid of participating in this matter, no one can end up with a good result.